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Hearing aid battery safety

Hearing aids are powered either by rechargeable or small, disposable "button" Although  are quickly becoming the more popular battery option, many people still use hearing aids with disposable batteries. These batteries keep  working at their optimum performance, but did you know they can cause serious injury or death if they’re not hand...

The LMH Test

The LMH Test For Monitoring Listening – Jane Madell and Joan Hewitt Jane Madeline, Aug 3, 2021 Children with hearing loss hear very well with their technology if they are going to be able to use listening to learn language and develop good literacy skills. That is the reason Dan Ling developed the 5 sound test (a, e, u, sh, s) which eventually b...

Hearing Aid Programming!!

Hearing means able to hear sound by individuals, i.e ability to hear sounds. As we know every individuals having different hearing capacity know as hearing thresholds. Hearing loss is a well known condition where persons not able to recognize sound and meaning. Millions of people experience now a days. Every hearing loss cases diff...


श्रवणयंत्र म्हणजे काय? श्रवणयंत्र हे मेडिकल डेव्हिएस असून ते ऑडिओलॉजिस्ट व्दारे आपल्या कानाच...

Cochlear Implant

  A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that does the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain. How does a Cochlear Implant work? Many people suffer hearing loss because th...


Who Is an Audiologist ? Audiologists are health care professionals who identify, assess and manage disorders of hearing, balance and other neural systems. What does an audiologist do? Helps patients ranging in age from newborns to older adults Selects, fits and dispenses hearing aids and other listening devic...