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The LMH Test

The LMH Test For Monitoring Listening – Jane Madell and Joan Hewitt Jane Madeline, Aug 3, 2021 Children with hearing loss hear very well with their technology if they are going to be able to use listening to learn language and develop good literacy skills. That is the reason Dan Ling developed the 5 sound test (a, e, u, sh, s) which eventually b...

What is Listening (Hearing)??

What is listening?Listening is one of the five human senses. Listening is the sensation of human voice.So what exactly is it? One of the things we always hear around us is the environment, such as cars horn sound, songs, equipment sounds and at last speech of human being. That sound travels thro...

ऐकणे म्हणजे काय?

Hearing ऐकणे म्हणजे काय? मानवाच्या पाच ज्ञानेंद्रिया पैकी एक म्हणजे ऐकणे. ऐकणे म्हणजे मानवास आवाजबद्दल संवेदना. म्हणजे नेमके काय अ...