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Wearing two hearing aids is necessary?

We normally hear with two ears. It helps us localize sounds, assists us in noisy settings, and provides natural sound quality. Most people with hearing loss in both ears can understand better with two aids than with one.

Hearing aid in better ear or one ear can not localize sounds, problem in noisy situation.

A hearing aid will damage your hearing ?

If you purchase hearing aids from registered Audiologist, with all audiological evaluation followed by hearing aid trial.

A properly fitted and maintained hearing aid will not damage your hearing.

It will improve your hearing.

Hearing aids restore hearing to normal ?

Hearing aids do not restore hearing to “normal.” Hearing aids do not “cure” your hearing loss, but it provide benefit and improvement in communication. It can improve your hearing and listening abilities, and it can substantially improve your quality of life.

How hearing aid work?

Hearing aids work by amplifying sound through a three-part system:

The microphone receives sound and converts it into a digital signal.

The amplifier increases the strength of the digital signal.

The speaker produces the amplified sound into the ear.

Difference between analogue and digital hearing aid?

Digital hearing aids have all the features of analog programmable aids, but they convert sound waves into digital signals and produce an exact duplication of sound.

Computer chips in digital hearing aids analyze speech and other environmental sounds.

The digital hearing aids allow for more complex processing of sound during the amplification process which may improve their performance in certain situations (for example, background noise and whistle reduction).

They also have greater flexibility in hearing aid programming so that the sound they transmit can be matched to the needs for a specific pattern of hearing loss.

Digital hearing aids also provide multiple program memories. Most individuals who seek hearing help are offered a choice of only digital technology these days.