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Santosh Patel Belong from Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, who completed BASLP from AYJNIHH-Mumbai, and M.Sc (Audiology) From AISH-Mysore.

Specially trained in Audiological Diagnosis, Higher Audiological Evaluation, Pediatric Audiological Evaluation, Speech Therapy, Hearing Aids, Auditory Verbal Therapy.

Offered Services

Audiologist and Speech Therapist - Home Visit
Audiologist and Speech Therapist - Home Visit 0 Service(s)


  • Audiologist and Speech Pathologist ( 2019 - 2020 ) Chirayu Medical College Bhopal
  • Pediatric Audiologist ( 2020 - 2021 ) Jawarlal Neharu Medical College-Bhagalpur Bihar


  • BASLP ( 2012 - 2016 ) AYJNIHH-Mumbai
  • M.Sc. Audiology ( 2017 - 2019 ) AIISH-Mysore



  • Widex
  • Phonak
  • Sivantos


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“Dr Santosh Patel” Answers

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    Hearing aid is medical device to be fitted by registered professional Audiologist only.

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    I am agree with Dr. Gaurav Patil with the types of management. Like people who is having vision problem they are using vision glass and they are accepting that they need vision glass which helps in improving the eye sight. Same way anyone who is having hearing loss then need to acceptance of their hearing loss and go for hearing aid which is definately going to improve you quality of life after using hearing aid.there are so many advantage of listening from both ears. 1 hearing better in noisy situation. 2 Help in understanding the direction of sound coming from. 3 require less loud sound when hearing from both ear. So I will suggest you to visit certified Audiologist or ENT near to your place. They will do best for you.


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