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Madhuri Padarthi Madhuri Padarthi

Dr Madhuri Padarthi

  • Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist
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Dr Madhuri Padarthi Clinical Audiologist and Speech Language Pathologist From Shrinagar Jammu & Kashmir. She had completed her graduation in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from AYJNIHH-SRC Secunderabad on 2017.


Offered Services

Audiologist and Speech Pathologist
Audiologist and Speech Pathologist 1 Service(s)
Consultation ₹300.00
Speech Therapy (Speech Therapist)
Speech Therapy (Speech Therapist) 1 Service(s)
Speech Therapy ₹300.00


  • B.ASLP ( 2013 - 2017 ) AYJNIHH-SRC



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    Hello Ms. swetha. Firstly, don't about your problem and don't feel shy to use hearing aid. As your doctor suggested, please go with a hearing aid as soon as possible. Coming to the hearing you are so young, i can suggest you to go with cross hearing aids, it will be helpful for both the ears. Or If you can effort you can also go with unilateral cochlear implant surgery . Once, you have taken the hearing aids please don't neglect in the usage, try to put it daily and follow your audiologist words . Take care.


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