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Analogue Hearing Aid

Analogue Hearing Aid

  • February 1, 2021
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The conventional analogue hearing aids are designed with a specific frequency response based on the listener’s audiogram. In turn, the audiologist directs the manufacturer about the settings to install. Although some adjustments need to be made, the device works to amplify all sounds – including noise and speech – in the same way.

This technology is affordable and can be used by the budget-conscious consumers. Analog hearing aids work for all the different types of hearing loss as well.The analog programmable model of hearing aid is made with a microchip that permits an audiologist to program the device for different situations. Environments are defined by venues where quiet conversations take place or where there is a lot of noises, such as a theater or a restaurant. Moreover, the settings, used to program the device, depend on the user’s hearing loss profile, tolerance for noise and speech understanding.Due to the innovation and popularity of digital hearing aids, the manufacturing and availability of analog models are decreasing considerably.

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