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Roughly 10 percent of the world’s population suffers from hearing loss, to some extent. That is approximately 700 million people who have difficulty hearing. Being an Audiologist we concern about your problem . We have Largest Chain of Registered Audiologist in INDIA.

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        • Have Bachelor or Master Degree with RCI Registration.
        • Experience gained in internship and practiced in hospital, clinical and company set-up.
        • Proving proper services time by time.
        • Have Clinical Set-up in INDIA.
Hearing Aid Is Medical Device, Mean To Be Prescribed &  Fitted By A Hearing Care Professional Only.
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Audiologist & Speech Therapist

An graduate or post graduate in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. Completed one year internship and specially trained in Audiological & Speech Language disorder and Rehabilitation specially hearing aids. With Rehabilitation Council of India Registration. and Indian Speech and Hearing association or Local State registration, Which start from "A" letter.

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* Non Audiologist *

Non graduate in Audiology. Does not know about degree, severity of hearing loss. No idea about auditory training. Not responsible about care maintenance & servicing of hearing aid. Workinbg as sales persons.


Beware about Hearing Aid Frauds

  • Self Fitting of Hearing Aids Will Damage Your Ear.
  • Hearing Aid Is Not For Internet Sales, E-Commerce Sales, Online Purchase.
  • Warranty Is Not Applicable If Purchased By Non-Authorized Persons, Internet, Online Shopping etc.

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Online hearing aid purchase safe?

mart he is giving me 40% discount Does it safe?

Online purchase of hearing aid is safe?

for service, maintenance, and warranty

Who Can Fit Hearing Aid ?

aid. Better way to search Available Audiologist near to your city, audiologist profile make confirm he is audiologist or non professional. Then do by process like evaluation, trial, and fitting and then discuss about benefit, service etc and purchase.</h2> <img class="alignnone wp-image-3685 size-medium" src="" alt="Hearing aid" width="300" height="216" /> How can find AUDIOLOGIST near me? Best way to search on our website that, audiologist in your city or nearest. View all profile details, articles then book appointment for related services meet with him ask your doubts and decide to buy hearing aid.  

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