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We Have Largest Chain Of RCI-Registered "Private Audiological Professional Practitioner" In India. All are Our Practitioner Fulfill minimum Qualification Criteria In Field of Audiology as "Degree In Audiology & Speech Language Pathology".

Greetings & Welcome

Greetings & WelcomeHearing Solution Care

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Hearing Aids Fitting Based On Degree, Nature & Type Of Hearing Loss. It Has To Undergo Audiological Evaluation By Professional.

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->Self Fitting of Hearing Aids Will Damage Your hEar.

->Hearing Aid Is Medical Device Is Meant To Be Prescribed

    & Fitted By A Hearing Care Professional.

->It Is Not For Internet Sales, E-Commerce Sales, Online


->Warranty Is Not Applicable If Purchased Un-Authorized

    Persons, Internet, Online Shopping etc.

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October 18, 2020

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Who Can Fit Hearing Aid? Where to go?

lable Audiologist near to your city, audiologist profile make confirm he is audiologist or non professional. Then do by process like evaluation, trial, and fitting and then discuss about benefit, service etc and purchase.

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